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Beyond Women's Sports with Penny Guevara

In this episode, we are joined by sports reporter Penny Guevara! Penny has a long history of writing and publication in the sports world. She covers the WNBA for Beyond Women’s Sports and we talk about the unity that exists within the world of women’s sports.

More about Beyond Women’s Sports:

“Simply put… we love sports! But we love women’s sports and feel they should be featured in the public eye just like the rest. We will make it our job to do so and bring you all the best content available! We are a new site aiming to bring you the best women’s sports coverage in the world. We will be covering basketball, softball, tennis, soccer, etc. Our motto is, “Empowering and bringing unity within women’s sports”; so if you’re looking for a website fully supporting women’s sports, we got you covered.”

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Check out some of Penny’s work on the BWS website!


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