We hit pause on the normal day-to-day and dive into all things sports! Our guests come from a variety of professional backgrounds but one thing unites them all: they love sports. Whether it’s reminiscing on their glory days of playing, going through their typical gameday experience as a fan, or connecting what they learned on the field to how they excel in their current career, we hope you enjoy this break in the action to chat all things sports.


Colin Burns

This episode we talk with Colin Burns, the General Manager at Winged Foot Golf Club! 

Winged Foot is a private golf club in New York, home to two of the top 100 golf courses, host of 5 US Opens for the PGA Tour on its West Course, as well as two US Women's Opens and the first US Senior Open on its East Course. In fact, Colin led his team through the pandemic to host the 2020 Men's US Open. Hear all about that and Colin's love for sports (including heli-skiing!).

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Our theme music: Mythology by MusicbyAden